The list of wonders Peru has to offer is endless, the more time you spend there the more you will realize how wrong you were when you thought, if you ever did, Machu Picchu was all Peru was about. Of course, a visit to this amazing king of the Andean countries would not be complete without including the lost city of the Inca’s in it. Machu Picchu was chosen one of te new seven wonders of the world in 2007 in more than controversial election fuelled by local governments and consisting in mostly local people voting online or using the toll free phones their local phone companies had provided. Yet, whether the election was fair or not is absolutely redundant for Machu Picchu might as well be one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on earth, even without the Inca city on it. Walking the Inca trail is the most rewarding, if tough, way of getting there. After such an effort the little village of Aguas Calientes will provide you with hot springs to relax your muscles before getting on the train back to Cusco.  Lima might not be the nicest capital in Latin America, yet it has so many colonial buildings to boast, and neighborhoods where life is so calm, pleasant ad relaxed that you will almost forget you are in one of the biggest more polluted metropolis there are. Spend a few days in Barranco or Miraflores, go to Chorrillos or La Herradura for a superb ceviche, and enjoy life and sea food along the Costa Verde.



From Cusco, the old capital of the Incas, you can go all the way down to the Amazon jungle, right where the Amazon River begins its fascinating journey through the continent. Or travel atop the mountains to Puno, enjoying superb views of the Andes before arriving on the shores of the Titicaca Lake, the highest navigable lake in the world. In the south Arequipa is said to be the prettiest city in Peru, and it might as well be. And the Colca Canyon is said to be deeper than the Colorado itself. But who cares about figures here when you can sit down, your feet hanging off a cliff hundreds of meters high and see the mighty Condor throw itself off the rock to rise again and soar so gracefully and majestic on the raising thermals. Nazca is home to the lines that have captivated the world’s imagination ever since they were accidentally discovered from an airplane in 1927. Paracas is a paradise for bird watches and so is Ica for wine lovers. North of Lima, Cajamarca is the best place to hear once more the tragedy of Atahualpa, and how the last of the Incas and his powerful army were betrayed and defeated here by wicked Spanish conqueror Pizarro and his little handful of Spanish Trujillo is a good place to say goodbye to the Humboldt Current before it leaves the coast of South America as you enter Ecuador. In Trujillo the archaeological sites of Chan-Chan are worth visiting and so are the excavations on the site of Sipan and the museum where the treasures unearthed from the Royal Tombs of the so called Señor de Sipan have been showcased. The tomb of the Lord of Sipan, known as the King Tutankhamen of the Americas, is the most important and rich tomb uncovered in the western hemisphere. When you are done with all this sightseeing and much more I have no time nor space to fully cover here do not forget to indulge yourself with some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted. Peruvian cuisine is so rich, varied, diverse, imaginative and healthy that it is in itself a reason, believe me, and it could easily be the first and main one, to travel in or to Peru. Ceviche, papas a la huancaina, tamales, anticuchos, arroces tapados y  chaufa, carapulcra, causa rellena, conchas negras, cuy, chupe de camarones, parihuelas... Sorry, I can’t go on. I am already mouth-watering and so, I am sure, are you. Thank you, Perú, for all the good things you gave me.

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