Some thirty years after dictator Somoza was overthrew by the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) travelers in Nicaragua will still find it difficult not to notice the deep impact that the eleven years of the Sandinista revolution left in the country. The dirty war against the democratically elected government led by the Contra Death Squads and backed by the CIA left thousands of casualties and billions of dollars in damages and the people on Nicaragua ended up electing the US candidate Violeta Chamorro in 199o election if only to put an end to a conflict that has destroyed all the dreams the revolution against the dictatorship had brought about. You will see graffiti, old tanks and plates everyhere. Do not miss the vibrant colored paintings of the churches in the Solentiname Islands where Ernesto Cardenal founded his celebrated and worldwide famous Christian, almost monastic and mainly peasant community which would eventually lead to the founding of the island’s artist colony still alive and growing. It was there in Solentiname that Cardenal’s most famous book “El Evangelio de Solentiname” (The Gospel of Solentiname) was written and where "La Misa Campesina" (The peasant mass) was first sang. Leon, where the poet Ruben Dario was born and buried is the biggest city after Managua and has plenty of colonial buildings to visit. Nicaragua has lots of active volcanoes and among them a visit to the Masaya is a must.



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