Holy to the three most important monotheistic religions in the world, Jerusalem can easily be one of the most awesome, overwhelming, breathtaking places in the world. When you have finish doing all the sightseeing, you will realize that monuments, old palaces, castles, churches, mosques and synagogues is not what drew you here or not at least what should have drawn you here, because in this, after all, not so holy a city, the most fabulous unique thing is everyday life. It is human nature, grandeur and misery at its best. Move from neighborhood to neighborhood, from the Jewish quarter to the Christian one and then to the Muslim and the Armenian then. Taste different foods, smell all kind of perfumes, incenses and spices, listen to the Christian churches bells on Sunday, the Muslim mujahidin call to prayer on Friday, or the chants at the Western Wall, on Saturday. Visit the markets; see locals there, all together, living life in peace as in Lennon’s song for just an hour as they do shopping, as if this was not the place where streets have been flooded a thousand times with rivers of human blood. It is there, when you see them buying bread and vegetables, that you realize how close and similar we all, how little and simple our needs, and how barbarian we can be and we have been when it comes to decide who, how, when and where will be allowed to say a prayer in Jerusalem, the city where “one hates one's fellow man to the glory of God" in the words of Selma Lagerlöf.  





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