Beautiful mosques and Hindu temples, out of this world palaces and fairy tale castles, postcard like beaches, some elephants and tigers and many cows and camels. Dosas, thali and dhal. Lots of spices and masala tea. Bollywood songs and movies. Incense, colour powder, flower petals and saris. All that and much more will keep your eyes wide open while you are in India. But at the end of the day, after a two month trip to this fantastic subcontinent, what remains in my mind and my heart is the people. More than a thousand million living together in an almost impossible balance that would just be a miracle elsewhere. They make their country look like the cultural kaleidoscope it really is. If India is fascinating it is because they are fascinating. If you have been there and you think like I do that India might easily be the most amazing country on earth, if India enraptures you, absorbs you, thrills you, confounds you or frustrates you, do not doubt about it for a second, it is because of its people. This page, and these pictures, are my way of saying thank you to all of them. It is my humble but honest homage in return for two of the most wonderful months of my life.



This Photo Gallery is dedicated to my friends Ninad & Ruchika from Mumbai. Thanks for your caring so much about me during my trip to your fascinating country. Thanks for your help and support  and thanks with all my heart for all your precious love and friendliness.


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