Part of the Maya Route but not as visited as neighboring Guatemala or Mexico, most of Honduras has somehow managed to remain a Central America well kept secret and has plenty of surprises for those who would adventure off the beaten track. The archeological Maya site of Copan is a delight, with the structures surrounded by well kept lawns and lots of trees to avoid the unmerciful heat. Tegucigalpa might not be the most appealing capital in Central America, yet it has its share of museums and old churches to make you be entertained for a couple of days. More than a couple of days is what you will want to stay on the Bay Islands, Islas de la Bahía, a former British colony on the Caribbean where most people speak Creole and where any previous postcard you might have seen of tropical beaches or coral life will pale against what you will be able to see, do and enjoy there. On the East coast of Honduras, from where more people sail to the Bay Islands, Trujillo is a lay back village to forget about most anything in this life except for the pleasure of smoking joints, eating conch and other exotic forms of seafood, listening to Reggae music day and night, but most often at night, and drinking as much run as you can with or without coke.



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