There is something you will never forget after having visited Guatemala: Its colors. They will remain with you for the rest of your life. The Maya people love them and the fabrics they use for their clothes, linen and table clothes will always bear astonishing patterns in amazingly bright colors. Lake Atitlan, arguably the most beautiful lake in the world is a good base to explore the Maya villages and their colorful markets including, of course, the world famous one in Chichicastenango. Antigua is the lovely old Spanish capital of Guatemala. It was devastated by an earthquake in 1717 and many of the churches and palaces that were destroyed there are still in ruins but the city has become very popular with tourists as well as with foreign students of Spanish attracted by the beauty o the surroundings and the peace and quiet of everyday life in this most charming town. Guatemala might not boast as may Maya archeological sites as its neighbor Mexico but in the east, rising above the Peten jungle, the mighty structures of the pyramids of Tikal are certainly among the most amazing things to be seen in Central America.  



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