Few countries, if any, can compete with the terrific appeal Greece has had for travelers over the centuries. The birthplace of our civilization, owner of an ancient language that gave us words we still use everyday such as “kilo” “mega” “metro” “exodus” or “taxi”, is where the democracy we are so proud of and the Olympic games we have managed to convert into the biggest show on earth were invented.   



Its thousands of islands on the Aegean and Ionian seas would still allure you as much as they did Odysseus, the bluest waters on the Mediterranean being the perfect background for the whitest villages along its coasts. On the continent mainland, temples and orthodox churches bearing the name of battles and Gods we have heard of since we were children will trigger our fantasy as will do the monasteries in Meteora unbelievably standing on top of impossibly shaped hills. In Athens, the Parthenon, the most recognizable Greek building worldwide, stands out on Mont Lokavitos as part of the ancient Acropolis above Plaka, the oldest part of modern Athens. Add great food, delicious wine, some of the friendliest and most cheerful people in the world and traditional music that is both mesmerizing and joyful and you would definitely have to be made out of stone if you don’t give in to this fabulous and unique country at once.   

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